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Tidal has decided to get into original TV shows

Tidal has decided to get into original TV shows

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While Tidal recently celebrated its millionth subscriber it is still lagging far behind the other streaming music services, and now it's taking a page from the Netflix playbook in order to drum up some interest. Variety reports that the company has sewn up two different series which will soon be debuting on the service. No Small Talk is a half-hour stand-up comedy show, comprised of five episodes and hosted by Cipha Sounds, and will be debuting on Tidal November 3rd. The service has also ordered the second season of Money & Violence, the YouTube series created by and starring Moise Verneau.

Money & Violence has been compared to a low-budget version of The Wire, following the interconnecting lives of a group of criminals living in Brooklyn. Verneau self-financed the first season and uploaded it to YouTube where the show took off, and speculation started that Tidal might be interested in a second season when Jay Z visited Verneau in July. (The service already carries the first season of the show along with dozens of music videos and archived livestreams.)

Twelve episodes will be produced for the second season, but it won't serve as a draw to Tidal for very long: the new season of Money & Violence will only be exclusive to the service for a single week. Then again, it's not like Tidal has been doing a great job with the whole exclusivity thing lately, anyway.