AMA might be looking in the wrong place.

This is just questionable. I understand the AMA's position on advertising directly to consumers and how that can contribute to health care costs, but that is not where most of the advertising dollars are spent by the pharmaceutical industry. The majority of advertising dollars are spent sending good looking people with free stuff to doctors offices (see the first link). It is not even in the same ballpark. It comes in at about 7 or 8 to 1 on dollars directed to doctors over consumers. If you ask almost any doctor about it, they will say that it is all of these other doctors' prescribing habits that are being influenced by pharmaceutical companies. That is wrong. It is almost all prescribers that are being influenced. The drug companies are smart. It is no accident where they are place the most advertising dollars. They are advertising directly to prescribers because it provides the greatest return on investment. While I am in favor of rules or statutes that discontinue direct-to-consumer advertising, I think a much more powerful regulation would be to limit the amount of a companies advertising budget to no more than their budget for research and development.