First Click: Embrace your sadness and watch season two of The Leftovers

November 20th, 2015


Paris, Mali, Beirut, Kano… the world’s on fire. So why not embrace your melancholy. Own it this weekend, let those misty lavender donuts of gloom wash over you with episode after episode of The Leftovers. After all, misery does love it some company and nobody is more miserable than the outstanding cast of season two.

Here's Todd VanDerWerff writing for Vox from an article titled "What’s it gonna take to get you to watch The Leftovers:"

"Everybody who loves TV has watched a show that’s inspired feverish declarations of love, an insistence on viewing each episode as soon as possible, and a tendency to browbeat others until they, too, are enjoying it just as much. This is not a terribly pleasant affliction, and people tend to keep their distance from you when you are in its throes.

But, dammit, it must be borne. Because nobody is watching The Leftovers, and the second season is some next-level stuff."

Willa Paskin, writing for Slate from an article titled "You should be watching The Leftovers:"

"…the new season makes a start so fresh, it’s almost a rebooting: new location, new characters, an occasional smile. The show remains uniquely interested in coping — or not — with tragedy, but flashes of something that looks like hope have entered the scene. It’s not much — this is a still a show that includes a devastating murder-suicide as an ancillary plot point — but it’s enough to turn The Leftovers from a show you should have been watching, if you had time available between pouring lemon juice into your paper cuts, into a show you might actually want to watch. If The Leftovers is S&M, at least it now uses padded handcuffs."

Todd and Willa are right. Despite dismal viewership numbers, you really should be watching The Leftovers. Season one was good, like listening to The Cure and being angry at your parents was good, but it was also a dense and muddled mess just like your misspent youth. Season two is fantastic by comparison, and easily the best series I’ve watched this year. It’s certainly better than season two of True Detective and you hate-watched that all the way to the end, didn’t you?

Just look at the 20-point bump on the Tomatometer — these leftovers are fresh!

fresh leftovers

That leaves me with one question:

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