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Amazon now lets Prime subscribers share their unlimited photo storage

Amazon is expanding the perks of Prime membership to give it a better chance of taking on photo storage services like Flickr and Google Photos. Prime members have received unlimited photo storage since this time last year, and now Amazon will allow Prime subscribers to share that perk with one other person in their household. It's a very minor expansion, but it'll let more people consider choosing Amazon's Cloud Drive as their photo backup solution rather than a competition option.

Amazon's service stores photos at their full resolution. It'll even hold large RAW files without counting them toward a storage limit, which is something you won't find elsewhere. The major downside is that you'll need to remain subscribed to Prime (or the cheaper Cloud Drive-only plan) or Amazon will delete your pictures, which is a good reason to look at free photo storage options instead. Flickr offers a free 1TB — which, really, is basically unlimited for most people — of photo storage at full resolution, and Google Photos offers unlimited storage, but it compresses photos. For a thorough look at photo storage options, you can check out our comparison from earlier this year.