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Facebook launches a version of Messenger for use at work

Facebook launches a version of Messenger for use at work

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Facebook has launched a version of Messenger that's meant for the office. The app, first spotted by TechCrunch, is an expansion of Facebook at Work, a business platform Facebook has been testing that allows co-workers to talk and collaborate. Everything about Facebook at Work and its new Work Chat app looks almost identical to the Facebook and Messenger we all know — which means, thankfully, you can still use stickers — the only real difference is that the network is limited to people within a single company. Right now, Work Chat is only available on Android and only for people in companies using the limited Facebook at Work beta. TechCrunch reports that an iOS app is in the works.

Messaging had already been built inside of the core Facebook at Work app, but like with the standard Facebook app, it's being unbundled, seemingly because the stand-alone app is a bit more capable. There's also a larger battle around workplace chat that Facebook wants to be part of. Most notably, Slack has been storming the startup world as the chat app to replace basically every other communications tool in your business. Slack doesn't do much on its own other than chat, but it can be integrated with many other popular tools, like Trello. Facebook at Work, on the other hand, has the advantage of already being familiar to people and offering many of its own built-in tools, like event invites and team pages.