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Volvo teases its upcoming S90 full-size sedan, full reveal coming in January

Volvo is teasing its new, top-of-the-range S90 sedan with a pair of vague images ahead of its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. It will be the sedan version of the very excellent XC90 SUV. The Swedes are taking the same chassis architecture, super- and turbocharged engines, and the iPad-like Sensus infotainment system and putting them in a new sedan body. It’s the replacement for the S80 sedan, and will compete with cars like the BMW 5-series and Mercedes’ E-Class.

Since Volvo began development of the XC90, the idea was always to keep flexible with components and use them across multiple models to keep costs down. That’s not a bad thing, as Volvo’s engines and infotainment (the navigation and radio controls) are among the best in the business. Like the XC90, the S90 will also eventually include a plug-in hybrid variant and a wagon version named the V90, and the innovations should trickle down to the rest of Volvo’s line eventually.

The company has said it wants to refresh its entire product lineup with XC90-inspired models before the end of the decade. Good news for us, because the good folks at Volvo are killing it.