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Netflix is reportedly rebooting Lost in Space

What's next for the streaming service that introduced audiences to the ruthless shenanigans of Frank Underwood, and proved that Marvel characters could be gritty, dark, and morally complex? A reboot of a family-friendly 1960s space romp, apparently. Deadline reports that Netflix has closed a deal for a remake of Lost in Space, the cult TV show that originally premiered in 1965. The show was a sci-fi take on The Swiss Family Robinson, following a family who set out to colonize a distant star, until they're thrown off course and get, you know, lost in space. Along for the ride were a military pilot, a nefarious secret agent that ended up playing more like a wacky uncle, and a slinky-armed robot known just as "Robot." (The above trailer, which appears to be aimed at advertisers rather than audiences, will give you an idea of just how dated the original feels today.)

While the show only lasted three seasons, it actually left a pretty decent dent in pop culture (if you've ever heard anybody riff on the phrase, "Danger, Will Robinson!" you've heard a reference to Lost in Space). That wasn't enough to help the 1998 movie adaptation, though, which swapped out the show's campy fun for the requisite '90s "edginess" and a cast that paired William Hurt and Gary Oldman with Matt LeBlanc. The Netflix version is being written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (The Last Witch Hunter) with The Descent's Neil Marshall reportedly set to direct. While those three creative elements seem to lean toward a darker take on the concept, according to Deadline the series is part of an effort on the part of Netflix to create shows that can play to families, in contrast to its darker, more dramatic fare.