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This is the feel-good overclocking manga you've been waiting for

We've been waiting for a feel-good story about competitive overclocking for a while.

Officially known as 87 Clockers, it's the story of a talented violinist named Kanade Ichinose who falls into the high-stakes world of overclocking, drawn by the promise of fast women and faster processor speeds.

Overclocking manga

It's basically Fast and the Furious for desktop hardware, especially once you get to the black market that apparently exists in computer components. (Maybe it's set before Newegg?) There's also a lot of liquid nitrogen coolant and a figure named Mike who seems to be so powerful that people are keeping tabs on him from space.

Overclocking Manga

Easily the best hardware-modification manga you'll read this weekend. Hopefully we can get a Netflix series out of it?