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Leaked Apple Support app could lead to shorter lines at the Genius Bar

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Apple is taking its support services to its customers. Years after its business has come to rely almost entirely on iPhone sales, the company appears to be giving its support site a home on iOS devices.

The company has yet to confirm the app, but a series of screenshots from Sonny Dickson, a source for past Apple leaks, depict what looks like a comprehensive support app. The images were originally published by tech blog

According to the screenshots, the app looks to largely mimic the functionality of Apple's support website. That means you'll be able to do simple troubleshooting of common problems, chat with support specialists, arrange to send in your device for a repair, and schedule Genius Bar appointments, among other things. The app, if authentic, will also serve as an easier way to get information about how to use Apple devices.

apple support app leak

While the app does not appear to expand Apple's support offerings, it does make them easier to access. Apple's Support website can be fairly complicated to navigate, with a mix of official support articles and community-generated discussions about certain issues that span years of iterative products. The app, meanwhile, appears to rely more heavily on your list of registered products (connected to your Apple ID) to ensure that search results are tailored to your device.

Also, as people spend more and more time on mobile devices, the mere ease of accessing Apple's support options from a phone will be a convenience for many. Currently, the Apple Store iOS app only lets users schedule Genius Bar appointments, and offers no other support options. As a bonus for Apple, if the new app gets customers to rely more heavily on the company's support databases, it could reduce strain at Genius Bars.