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Microsoft's new Android app will try to convince you to switch to Windows Phone

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Microsoft has been working to provide its services across all platforms, including iOS and Android, but its latest app, called AppComparison, might have a pretty small target audience. The description for AppComparison, released to Google Play on Friday, starts like this: "Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone?"

As you've probably guessed, the app, once installed, will look through your Android apps and let you know which ones you'll be able to use on Windows 10 Mobile. For the large swath of apps that don't match up, Microsoft will highlight comparable apps that are available on the mobile OS.

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Microsoft's mobile efforts have been dormant for nearly two years, but the company has just released its first two phones with Windows 10, the Lumia 950 and 950XL. The phones seek to unify with Windows on the desktop and even the new Windows-powered Xbox One user interface. Like Windows Phone 8 before it, however, it currently has a limited selection of some important popular apps, like Snapchat or Gmail. Read our full review of the Lumia 950 here.