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LA Auto Show 2015 wrap-up: the best (and worst) cars on the floor

It's not quite a full-on podcast*, but The Verge's Tamara Warren, Chris Ziegler, and Jason Harper sat down for a few minutes of banter after the end of day one of this year's LA Auto Show. What did we see? What did we like? What did we hate? You'll just have to tune in and find out. (Despite the relatively small number of global debuts at LA ’15, the Fiat 124 Spider and wild Land Rover Evoque Convertible could fill up an hour's worth of discussion alone.)

For all our LA coverage, check out the StoryStream — and be sure to follow TamaraChris, and Jason on Twitter.

*If you'd like a Verge transportation podcast at some point, let Chris know. It could happen!