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Walmart moves Cyber Monday to Sunday because people now have the internet at home

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As if starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving evening wasn't enough to demonstrate Walmart's flagrant disregard for the meaning of words that end in "day," the mammoth retailer has now announced that it is choosing to ignore the temporal boundaries of yet another beloved American institution. Get ready to do your Cyber Monday shopping on, well, Sunday instead.

The reason? People have the internet at home now, too. "The customers have changed but Cyber Monday hasn't changed with them," CEO Fernando Madeira tells Reuters. "Now everyone has Internet." In other words, there's no reason why they should have to wait until Monday morning to use their office internet connection for shopping. What an age we live in.

"Now everyone has Internet."

All 2,000 of Walmart's Cyber Monday deals will go live on their website at 8PM ET this Sunday evening, running into the next day and what the retailer is calling "Cyber Week." Walmart hasn't yet announced the full rundown of what'll be available, but here's the first page of the Cyber Monday ad — including deals on a Samsung 4K TV and a white Xbox One Gears of War bundle.

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