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Tangerine's trans actresses will reportedly be considered for Oscar nominations

It looks like the Oscars are now poised to make history. An unnamed source tells Slate that, in the wake of Tangerine's groundbreaking Oscar campaign, the Academy will officially consider trans women for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. The move sets a profound precedent, and paves the way for Kitana Rodriguez and Mya Taylor to earn nominations for their performances in the film.

Magnolia Pictures and the Duplass brothers, the film's producers, kicked off the campaign last month, citing the increased visibility of trans people on television as a reason to push the Academy to recognize trans people in film. "One thing that has become apparent to us as we look at this stuff," said Mark Duplass at the time, "it seems that the TV Academy has embraced what’s happening in the trans movement with Transparent and Orange is the New Black. We feel that the film Academy is a little behind on that front."

Tangerine earned universal acclaim this year

Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker, earned universal acclaim this year for its funny and affecting portrayal of two trans sex workers facing drama and danger together on Christmas Eve in LA. It's one of a kind, and considering the performances of the two leads, it's good that the film is getting its own Oscar contention narrative.