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Tesla's Model X starts at $80,000, and preorder customers can finally choose their options

Tesla's Model X starts at $80,000, and preorder customers can finally choose their options

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It'll still be many months before Tesla is able to fill all the orders for its Model X crossover, but at least would-be owners are now able to choose options and colors for their cars: the company announced this afternoon that "general production" Model X customers can go through the configurator, where the vehicle starts at $80,000. Buyers can choose between 70D, 90D, and P90D versions, which represent different battery capacities and performance levels. All Model X variants are all-wheel drive.

model x configurator

(Tesla Motors)

Previously, only very early buyers — those that had put down deposits years ago — were allowed to configure their Model X from a limited palette of options offered on the "Signature Series," the initial run of vehicles that all come with a very high level of standard options. General production of the Model X beyond the Signature Series has not yet begun, but is expected to ramp up in the first quarter of 2016.

But even now, you can't just visit Tesla's website and dare to dream what your imaginary Model X might look like, as you can with the Model S. The Model X configurator is still open only on an invitation basis, it's just that Tesla has cast a wider net with its latest round of invitations. Presumably, the company will eventually open the configurator to everyone — it's unclear why it hasn't done so already, but it could simply be that the waiting list is so long, options and prices will inevitably change by the time the general public can buy a Model X off the lot.