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Star Wars in VR is coming to Google Cardboard on December 2nd

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ILMxLab, Industrial Light & Magic's division dedicated to augmented and virtual reality experiences, is going to step into the spotlight right before the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. On December 2nd, Disney will release a serialized VR experience designed for Google Cardboard; the experience "ties directly" into the opening of The Force Awakens, and will be available through the official Star Wars app for iOS and Android.

The collaboration with Google follows the search giant's extensive "Awaken the Force Within" cross-promotion in which users can choose the light side or dark side of the Force and brand their apps accordingly. Verizon is also part of the VR initiative — there'll be four Google Cardboard viewer designs featuring Star Wars imagery available through carrier stores from December 2nd.

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For more on ILMxLab and its work to bring Star Wars into VR, watch our featurette below.