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T-Mobile will give you three months of unlimited data if you use low-quality video

T-Mobile will give you three months of unlimited data if you use low-quality video

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For the next three months, T-Mobile is giving unlimited LTE data to all of its existing Simple Choice customers. Regardless of which tiered data plan you're on, you can forget about paying attention to your data usage. This is the first of four holiday-themed surprises that T-Mobile is calling "Uncarrier Unwrapped."

Anyone subscribed to a Simple Choice plan (including business customers) as of yesterday, November 23rd, is eligible for the three months of unlimited data. But to be clear, you'll still burn through your rollover data once you've exceeded your usual cap; T-Mobile's giving spirit only kicks in "once you use up all your data and your Data Stash." And there's no tethering included as part of this deal.

And even then, there's still a pretty important catch. T-Mobile will only keep the unlimited data flowing if you keep its new Binge On feature enabled for your account. Binge On lets customers watch video from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, and other services without impacting their monthly data usage. But it also "optimizes" video quality from those services down to 480p, on par with a DVD, so watching videos in HD isn't an option.

If you do want to watch 720p or 1080p content, Binge On can be switched off, but doing that will immediately end the three-month unlimited LTE promotion. So the choice is yours: do you want 90 days of worry-free data usage, or would you rather see videos at the best possible resolution? Only people paying for T-Mobile's unlimited data plan can have both.