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Vine arrives on the Apple Watch

Vine arrives on the Apple Watch

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Vine has come to the Apple Watch. Its watchOS app launches today with the ability to play tiny videos on your wrist and add a complication on certain watch faces that'll keep wearers up to date on how many times their videos have been looped. That sounds slightly obsessive, but it's better than keeping a running count of Twitter followers on your wrist.

Vine's watch app was demoed in June

Vine's watch app has been in the works since at least June, when it was demoed on stage during an Apple event. Apple chose Vine to showcase the new ability for apps to play back video in watchOS 2, which launched in September. Though Vine isn't shipping this update all that far after the watchOS 2 launch, the short delay may well speak to the general stagnation of Apple Watch apps. Though Apple has garnered wide developer support for the watch, apps really don't matter at all on it — they're way too slow, and they tend to feel like iPhone apps crammed into a smaller space. Vine does a good job of shrinking down, offering up featured Vines and videos from your favorite accounts, but you're still viewing those videos on a tiny screen, and often loading them fairly slowly.

Along with launching on the Apple Watch today, Vine is also updating its iOS app with a new way to discover videos. You can now swipe left on any video to load a related clip that Vine thinks you'll like. You can keep on swiping until you get bored.