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Watch Captain America battle Iron Man in the first trailer for Civil War

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The box office event of the decade is just around the corner, but even Star Wars won't stop the Marvel movie machine from rolling on. Today we get our first look at the next release from the studio, and it's perhaps the most important film in the comic canon since Avengers AssembleCaptain America: Civil War.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer shows Captain America forming his own miniature superhero squad, teaming up with new pal Falcon, and attempting to deprogram ex-Hydra agent Bucky "The Winter Soldier" Barnes. But it's not all sunshine and friendship for the Cap. As the movie's title suggests, there's trouble brewing for the Marvel Universe's big names, with some seeing them as heroes, and others as vigilantes. The conflict threatens to split the Avengers down the middle, with Tony "Iron Man" Stark and clean-cut good guy Captain America at particular odds with each other, and Bucky at the center of the conflict. Careful viewers will also spot Black Panther in the mix for the first time, ahead of his own scheduled movie due out in 2017.

We'll get to see if they can patch up their differences on May 6th, when the movie hits the big screen.

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