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VSCO makes its expensive desktop photo filters half as expensive

VSCO makes its expensive desktop photo filters half as expensive

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VSCO, the app formerly known as VSCO Cam, offers some of the best photo editing tools available on mobile. But Visual Supply Company got its start years ago producing high-quality film-like filters that plug into pro desktop applications like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Aperture. And while you can buy VSCO filters on your phone for a few bucks, these VSCO Film plugins were sold in packs for up to $119 each.

Today, though, VSCO is halving the price of every VSCO Film pack to $59 "in honor of our anniversary and four years of artistic collaboration together;" the new pricing appears to be permanent. There are seven packs available, and all work with Adobe CS6 or Lightroom 4 and up, while the first pack works with CS5 and Lightroom 3 as well. The Aperture versions are no longer on sale, presumably because Apple has abandoned the app.

VSCO Film packs for desktop are still a lot more expensive than most of the company's mobile users will feel comfortable paying for, then. But if you feel like avoiding the Black Friday crowds by getting down to some hardcore RAW processing instead, this should come as good news. All seven VSCO Film packs are available now at the new price.