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The holiday tech support field guide

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Yes, you're going home for Thanksgiving and yes, you're going to end up needing to help the family with technology. But you shouldn't patronize and definitely don't roll your eyes. This isn't about your family being dumb, this is about your family not being quite as obsessed with tech as you are. And that's okay. Hell, it means they're probably more well-adjusted.Plus, maybe you're not the tech expert everybody thinks you are. That's okay too. We're here to help you help each other. When it comes to fixing things up over the holidays, simpler is better. Do the easy stuff and don't commit yourself to rebuilding an operating system from scratch. There are more important things you want to spend your time on, like actual real human interaction with the people who love you.So take these tips and do with them what you will, then get along to the turkey and board games.