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Three years later, Fez is getting a wonderfully ornate physical release

Three years later, Fez is getting a wonderfully ornate physical release


And the soundtrack is out on vinyl, too

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Does the abrupt cancellation of the sequel to Fez still sting? Well, this might help: three years after the indie gaming classic made its debut, it's getting a wonderfully detailed limited edition pressing. The new physical edition of Fez takes the form of a red hardcover notebook, "ready to be filled with details of your journey into the third dimension." A DRM-free version of the game for both PC and Mac, along with a download code for the amazing Disasterpeace soundtrack, are "hidden inside" the tome.

This is the first time the game, which launched in 2012 to much acclaim, will be available as a physical release, and developer Polytron didn't stop at just the notebook. You can also now buy the soundtrack on vinyl, and it comes packed in a slick sleeve, with embossed gold that mirrors the book. The vinyl is available now for $30, but the game will be much more rare. The physical edition of Fez is being limited to 500 copies (three per buyer), and will cost you $100.

Fez vinyl

But if you were hoping to make it a last minute Christmas present, you're probably out of luck; the store listing notes that it "is not expected to ship in time for delivery before December 25th." You could always pick up Fez for half price on Steam instead.