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Would you recommend the 2014 Mac Mini right now?


Hey guys.

So my dad is finally fed up with Windows 10's buginess and the sluggishness of his aging (3-4 years old) desktop machine and is now looking to replace it with a Mac of some kind. His requirements are not the highest (Browsing, Microsoft Office Suite via 365 subscription, Microsoft Outlook for E-Mail, contacts, calendar, DSLR photo editing and archiving - that's mainly it).

Since he just doesn't need a laptop at this point, we looked into getting a Mac Mini. He wants some bang for his buck and future proofing (he's planning to use the machine for at least 4 years, likely up to 6), so the respective middle config with an 2.6 - 2.8 GHz i5 and 8 Gigs of RAM should be the way to go. Also, since the 5,400 rpm HDD is a joke somewhat and he wants the speeds he's come to know from my MBA, we're looking at the SSD config, which sets us back € 1,069 (in Germany) in total.

Since I already talked about "future proofing" up there, and since 4K is right around the corner, we're looking at replacing his 1080p monitor with a 4K one at some point later in the cycle. Meaning the Mac Mini should be powerful enough to handle a Retina display also. I read that the Mac Mini only supports 4K monitors with 24Hz.


Is this a serious issue? Would you recommend my dad to get this machine for that money under all considerations that have been made? Maybe you already own a Mac Mini 2014 and use it with a 4K monitor?