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Pixel Vision is a beautiful handmade portable gaming system

Limited edition on Kickstarter

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Swedish designer Love Hultén has made a name for himself crafting some of the most beautiful electronic devices in the world, combining hand-crafted wooden bodies with old-school electronics for the ultimate in retro extravagance. His most recent project, now on Kickstarter, is the Pixel Vision, a portable gaming device that can emulate classic consoles like the NES, Atari 2600, and original Game Boy. Modeled after the foldable Game Boy SP, the Pixel Vision's innards comes encased in solid walnut with painted cast acrylic and a satin finish. The device has 8 hours of battery life and can hold around 10,000 games, Hultén says, and new titles can be transferred via USB. It costs $461 in batches of 250, with the first units arriving in February and the second wave in April. Hultén is also producing 20 "Pearl" units with a black hue and D-pad buttons made of solid brass — for a whopping $807, that is. Unfortunately, Hultén is only making 500 standard units and 20 Pearl units. So act fast if you want to get your hands the device by next spring.