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Watch a Range Rover drive over a bridge made entirely of paper

Range Rovers, for all their luxury, are still off-roaders at heart. (At least, I think they are — I can't think of any other explanation for a press photo of the recently announced Evoque Convertible driving through a lake.) That leads me to a stunt that Land Rover recently pulled off in Suzhou, China, celebrating 45 years of the Range Rover, which was first introduced in 1970.

The company worked with English artist Steve Messam — known for his large-scale works — to build a paper bridge that a Range Rover could drive over. At first blush, that seems impossible, but the physics are actually pretty sound: as Messam explains in the video, it's built the same way as a stone bridge, where the curvature diverts downward forces laterally. And when you stuff thousands upon thousands of sheets of paper next to one another, they're able to withstand a whole lot of pressure.

Needless to say, the stunt was successful. I'd rather not find out what happens in a heavy rain, though.

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