2015, you can strap 2009 to your wrist [POLL]



Meet the Rufus Cuff

I have to say I laughed hard because it looks like a parody. Yeah, there's a company strapping a 2009 Android phone bulkily to your wrist to replace your phone and they gave it the positivity infused name "CUFF" (Really?).

What the hell were they thinking?

But here's the deal: I too envision a device like this for quite some time now and think it indeed may be the future or a viable product. But, definitely not in this form and shape, with that design and that bulk and thickness. I am more thinking that this will be the perfect use case for flexible, foil-like displays. They would enable hardware makers to make a device like this with a very sleek, light and comfortable to wear and use foot print, that doesn't look like you glued a 2009 Android phone to your Timex.

What do you guys think? Is this a desirable product? May it be a thing when someone nails the form factor and makes it sleek, lightweight and sexy? Sound off.

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