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Surface Book teardown shows it's nearly impossible to fix it yourself

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Microsoft may have made the best possible hybrid laptop with its new Surface Book, but that also apparently means you should never ever try to repair it on your own. Thanks to iFixit, we now have a clearer look at the new device's impressive internals. But after scoring a 1/10 on the site, it's clear that it's nearly impossible to put it back together again.

The two biggest obstacles to breaking down the Surface Book were the glue and the position of the boards. (To say nothing of how difficult it is to remove the thin screen from the body.) Microsoft used plenty of adhesive to make sure its components were locked in place if they weren't soldered or screwed down. However, even though getting past the glue is certainly tough, plenty of the device's guts are on the backs of their boards. For instance, the motherboard is seated upside down in the tablet portion of the Surface Book, presumably because Microsoft wanted a flat surface underneath the display.

All this is to say that if your Surface Book malfunctions down the line, don't try to pry it open. It's not worth it.