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Pinterest launches dedicated shopping section

Pinterest launches dedicated shopping section

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Pinterest started adding a buy button to pins back in June, and today those buyable pins are becoming even easier to shop. First, buyable pins are rolling out to Android, so they're now available on both of Pinterest's mobile apps. But the bigger news is that Pinterest is also making buyable pins much simpler to find through The Pinterest Shop, which is essentially a store inside of Pinterest that's composed entirely on buyable pins. The Pinterest Shop will include "on trend" curated collections of clothing, jewelry, and home goods. Individual retailers will also be able to set up shops in there, highlighting their own products.

Buyable pins are now on iOS and Android

The Pinterest Shop will be available on both iOS and Android to start. Buyable pins have yet to come to the web, so The Pinterest Shop won't be there either. Thats's seemingly not a huge deal for Pinterest, however, as 80 percent of its users come through mobile.

Unlike most other social networks, Pinterest has always been an obvious place to add shopping functionality — after all, the site is basically about sorting through cool things you want to own. That's meant that Pinterest has a very clear path to making money, but it still has to executive it naturally. The Pinterest Shop may stick out for being a store first and foremost, but Pinterest says it'll be based on what's trending across the site (currently: leather leggings, blanket scarves, and graphic tees). There are also now many more buyable pins for users to find, too. There were 30 million buyable pins at launch, and that number has since doubled to 60 million.

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