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GoPro is being sued by the company behind the Polaroid Cube

GoPro is being sued by the company behind the Polaroid Cube

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The company behind Polaroid's Cube camera is suing GoPro for making a cube camera. The lawsuit claims that GoPro's Hero 4 Session infringes on a design patent granted for the Polaroid Cube in May, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two cameras are definitely both cubes, so the lawsuit has that working in its favor, but the actual patent is exceptionally vague. It only covers "the ornamental design for a cubic action camera, as shown and described" in seven accompanying illustrations. The Polaroid Cube is nearly two years old, while the Hero 4 Session was only introduced this July.

Polaroid c3 tiny cube action camera (STOCK)

Though the lawsuit is over a Polaroid-branded camera, Polaroid itself isn't behind the lawsuit. That's because Polaroid isn't involved with the Cube camera beyond putting its name on it, offering the real manufacturer — C&A Marketing — a veneer of respectability through a name familiar to consumers. As such, C&A Marketing owns the design patent behind the Cube, and it's the one asking for a halt on sales of the Hero 4 Session as well as monetary damages that include all of GoPro's profits from the device.

GoPro says that its own patents prove that it was working on a cube camera long before the Polaroid Cube was unveiled, according to CNBC. GoPro also says that it has a design patent on the Hero 4 Session in the European Union, and it's applied for a design patent in the US. One application, for a case on the Hero 4 Session, was reportedly filed just one day after a patent application was filed for the Polaroid Cube. GoPro did not immediately respond to a request for comment.