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PlayStation Now adds 105 games to its subscription streaming service

Sony today announced more than 100 new titles have been added to its streaming game service PlayStation Now. Capcom provides the biggest contribution with 21 new titles — highlights include Resident Evil 4, 6, and Code Veronica X (RE5 was already part of the service); four Street Fighter titles; three Lost Planets; and Dead Rising 2.

With today's update, the PlayStation Now subscription library has grown to over 250 titles for subscription (and many more via its pricey à la carte rental library). The "Netflix for games" service, which still costs anywhere from $15 to $20 per month, has been quietly growing throughout the year, adding support for PlayStation Vita and select Samsung 2014 / 2015 smart TVs as well as overhauling its UI to emphasize monthly subscription plan over à la carte rentals.