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Good samaritan helpfully corrects a Netflix HQ sign

Good samaritan helpfully corrects a Netflix HQ sign

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A real-life logo isn't complete unless it references a widely used code phrase born on the internet. Of course, some civic-mined individual went ahead and amended a Netflix sign in Los Gatos, California with the appropriate graffiti to turn the company's logo into what it was always meant to be: a directive for onlookers to "Netflix and chill."

While not the official Netflix headquarters sign, the sign appears to be located near the company's main building just south of San Jose. Reddit user nicktrvs, who spotted the sign three days ago, reported that it was painted over within a few hours.

Netflix and chill is a euphemism that, in internet parlance, roughly translates to watching season four of Parks and Recreation and ordering in Thai food, according to Urban Dictionary. It's become explosively popular this year as a coded phrase, especially among the coveted teen demographic. It allows smartphone owners to avoid signaling the red alarm if a parent gets ahold of the text conversation or Facebook Messenger thread. Or if you just really want Thai food, you can ask without having to explicitly spell it out to your friend or partner.

According to Fusion's exhaustive history of Netflix and chill, the phrase began gaining steam in 2013 as the company's streaming business eclipsed longtime rivals like HBO. Soon enough, Netflix and chill was a full-blown meme propagating across the internet with viral Tumblr posts, tweets, Instagram photos, and Vines. Starting this past summer, it began sky rocketing in Google search results, with everyone using the phrase to signal a never spoken but always implied desire for curry and Tom Haverford.