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Watch the first trailer for Chi-raq, Amazon's first original film

Amazon's first original film, Spike Lee's Chi-raq, is set to hit theaters in a month, so it's about time we saw a trailer. Here, we finally see Lee's vision of South Side Chicago come into focus. Inspired by the Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes, the film stars Dear White People star Teyonah Paris as Lysistrata, who engineers a plan to stop the violence in her city by having the women go on a sex strike. Joining her are Nick Cannon, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett, and Samuel L. Jackson.

With a film like Chi-raq, it's clear that Amazon wants to make a big splash with its original film initiative. As it announced in January, the e-commerce company intends on ramping up its operation to make up to a dozen films a year. That's certainly ambitious, but Amazon isn't the only streaming company working on original films. Netflix only recently released Beasts of No Nation in theaters. If anything, things are only getting started. Chi-raq hits theaters on December 4th.