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Comcast charging extra $35 for Atlanta customers who want unlimited data

On Sunday, Comcast started rolling out its new pricing structure experiment for Atlanta internet customers. Internet users who go past 300 gigabytes of data in a month will be charged $10 for every additional 50 gigabytes, but will now have the option of paying an extra $35 to remove the cap, The Washington Post reports.

As the Post explains, Comcast has attempted similar pricing experiments with unlimited data around the country. In September, the company began offering Florida customers the option of paying $30 to remove the 300GB cap. (The Comcast price offering for Atlanta was announced earlier last month.) Atlanta has been put under the same cap since 2013.

It's not impossible that Comcast could decide on bringing the idea to other cities around the country, perhaps going as high as $40 per month in some markets. But even if only a fraction of its customers want to pay — Comcast claimed to the Post that 60 percent of "heavy data users" would be interested in the plan — it could quickly add up to a considerable source of cash for the company.

Disclosure: Comcast is an investor in Vox Media, The Verge's parent company.