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Toyota builds a 26-foot-long limo pickup truck, because why not


If you’re looking to buy a limousine, you have lots of choices. The stretched versions of the Lincoln Town Car or the Cadillac CTS, for example, are good options. Others, like the Fiat Panda or Saab 9000 that the boys at Top Gear made into limos, are much less good. But what if your tastes run a little larger and with more cargo space? Toyota has you covered.

For this year’s SEMA Show — an annual celebration of tricked-out cars and aftermarket accessories in Vegas — the Japanese carmaker brought in a 26.5-foot long, eight-door, Toyota Tundra pickup truck. They call it the Tundrasine. Built in Texas, where everything is reportedly bigger, the Tundrasine is some 90 inches longer than the standard Tundra. It also gained 2,288 pounds in leather and steel, weighing in just shy of four tons.

The brown leather interior, which looks freaking gorgeous, is said to be inspired by the "passenger compartments of luxury private jets." We’ve asked Toyota if we can have it for a week to review. Maybe we’ll drive it for Uber.