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Moon director Duncan Jones is making another sci-fi movie before Warcraft is out

Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard will star

Duncan Jones, the director of slow-paced sci-fi favorite Moon and the upcoming fantasy epic Warcraft, is making a new sci-fi movie, starring Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard. Both actors will star in Mute, a sci-fi thriller set in a near-future Berlin that follows a silent bartender (to be played by True Blood vampire Skarsgard) on the search for his missing friend. On the way, he'll meet Rudd, playing one of two American surgeons with murky motivations.

Jones says he's been working on the concept for 12 years and already helped write the script, but it's something of a surprise that he's able to find the time to get the movie made — speaking to The Verge at Comic-Con in July, the director said he only had a short window to cast, shoot, and finish production on Mute before before the release of Warcraft in June 2016.

From there, Jones said he hopes to return to Blizzard's fantasy realm of Azeroth for a set of sequels. "If we did get the chance to do three films to tell a story," he said about Warcraft in July, "I want to be the guy to deliver that. I feel very privileged, uniquely privileged, that I got the chance to start a franchise of films — if we get the opportunity to make more."