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Apple Music will work with Sonos speakers starting December 15th

Sonos speakers will soon let you play tunes from yet another streaming service: Apple Music. The company has announced that it'll launch support for Apple's music offering — in beta to start — on December 15th. Currently, playing tracks from the streaming service requires plugging your iPhone or iPad into a Sonos speaker with an aux cable. But in only a couple weeks, Sonos' controller app will be able to pull from Apple Music's large catalog of albums and playlists and stream songs throughout your house (assuming you own multiple speakers).

Purchased songs and DRM-free tracks in iTunes have always worked fine with Sonos, and Beats Music was also compatible before it was phased out in favor of Apple Music. Sonos already supports a slew of competing music services including Spotify, Google Play Music, and Tidal. The company's music-focused speakers range in price from the $199 Play:1 up to the $499 Play:5.

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