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Neil deGrasse Tyson says the Enterprise would destroy the Millennium Falcon

And he's right

In a recent video interview with National Geographic, Neil deGrasse Tyson finally set the record straight for sci-fi fans everywhere. Asked whether he'd choose Star Wars' Millennium Falcon or Star Trek's Enterprise, Tyson naturally chose the jewel of the Federation fleet, the Enterprise, as his preferred spaceship.

"There's no question!" he exclaimed, explaining how the Enterprise has the benefit of being based in some semblance of reality and that it was groundbreaking for its being the first spaceship in science fiction designed expressly for exploration. (One could make the argument that the TARDIS from Doctor Who is a spaceship meant for exploration that predates the Enterprise, but that reading of the series' lore is somewhat controversial.)

Of course, if you're wondering which would win in a space battle, it's not exactly the fairest fight. The original Enterprise was a Constitution class starship. A junky freighter like the Falcon is comparatively puny, and wouldn't have the firepower to best the Federation flagship at full power. The Falcon would probably have an easier time besting the Enterprise in terms of raw speed. Then again, all of this is a whole lot of conjecture.