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AT&T will raise cost of old unlimited data plans by $5 in February

AT&T is planning to raise the cost of its unlimited data plan by $5 to a total of $35 in February. 9to5Mac first reported the coming change, and sources familiar with the company's plans have confirmed it with The Verge as well. This is the first price hike AT&T has levied on grandfathered unlimited customers in seven years; the plan in question was discontinued in 2010 and as such is no longer offered to new customers. The $35 unlimited data feature is in addition to the costs associated with your voice and texting plan(s).

But for those who've managed to hang on through upgrades over the years, AT&T's unlimited data plan remains something of a treasure, particularly after the carrier's recent announcement that it will only throttle customers on unlimited plans after they've exceeded 22GB of data per month. Previously, that ceiling was much lower, which limited the appeal of staying on "unlimited" and put AT&T at odds with the Federal Communications Commission. Verizon Wireless also recently said it would raise the monthly price for those clinging to unlimited data; in November, the cost went up an additional $20 per line.