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George Lucas says he's been hiding from the internet for 15 years

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In a big new profile of George Lucas at The Washington Post, the famed director explained that, as of a couple weeks ago, he had yet to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But there was, unexpectedly, something else Lucas says he hasn't spent much time with recently: the internet.

According to the Post, Lucas has "assiduously avoided the Internet since 2000," which means "no Facebook, no Twitter, no e-mail even." The internet, you'll recall, has not been the most welcoming place for Lucas since the critical panning of the Star Wars prequels, and those feelings have only snowballed since, arguably culminating in the infamous nuclear fridge sequence of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Lucas told the Post that, indeed, he made the decision "[p]artly so he doesn’t have to read the worst about himself and his movies."

To draw a chronology, you could look at it like this: Lucas says he's avoided the internet for 15 years. The Phantom Menace was released 16 years ago.