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Emoji Keyboards put ghosts and smiling poop at your fingertips

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As humanity evolves, we find more efficient ways to communicate. Grunting led to talking, which led to writing, which led to letters. We put those letters down with giant feather quills, then with printing presses, then with small plastic keys, and sent them out into the world first as bound books, as telegrams, and as emails. But it's only now, in space year 2015, that we've truly understood our ultimate form of communication — emoji.

But although emoji — crying faces, smiling poops, and levitating businessmen — clearly represent the superior method of transmitting human thoughts, feelings, and opinions, the way we access them is flawed. Searching through ever-expanding collections of miniature pictures to find the perfect eggplant, umbrella, or snowman to succinctly express your emotions is tricky. At least it is, if you don't have one of EmojiWorks' new Emoji Keyboards.

The company opened pre-orders for its Bluetooth Emoji Keyboards yesterday, offering the wireless chiclet devices in one of three varieties. The vanilla Emoji Keyboard gives you one pictorial reaction per key for a total of 47 common emoji. The Emoji Keyboard Plus ups this to two per character, also unlocking skin tone modifiers in the process, while the Emoji Keyboard Pro stacks three emoji on most keys for easy access to more than 120 icons. EmojiWorks says that each of the models come with the latest emoji — yes, including the taco — and will work with Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows on tablets, laptops, and dekstops. The keyboard is also capable of typing regular characters, just in case you're one of those squares who hasn't yet adapted to the emoji future.

The keyboards can also type in regular English characters

The lowest tier Emoji Keyboard is available for pre-order at $79.95, with the Emoji Keyboard Plus at $89.95 and the Pro weighing in at $99.95. Note that you'll also need two AAA batteries to power the small keyboard, and will have to install EmojiWorks' own software in order to transform your keystrokes into actual emoji on screen when the pre-orders ship out in December.


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