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Ryan Reynolds should celebrate every holiday as Deadpool

Deadpool's trademark ability to break the fourth wall is being turned into marketing... and it's actually, surprisingly good. In this "behind-the-scenes" viral ad, a maybe (probably?) drunk Ryan Reynolds dons his trusty red jumpsuit to recruit the X-Men in an attempt to battle evil and/or kill things. (Gotta get that Fox money.) Naturally, said recruits are children in Halloween costumes, all too ready to give Reynolds shit for being in Green Lantern. Terrible things were said. Lessons were learned.

We need Deadpool carving up a turkey with a katana

Of course, Halloween was days ago, but we're now fully in the Holiday Season. So we challenge Mr. Reynolds to invade every last holiday with self-aware zaniness from now until the movie's release. We need Deadpool carving up a turkey with a katana. We need Deadpool coming down the chimney with gifts. We need a drunk Deadpool puking over the side of building on New Year's Eve, fireworks going off in the distance. There are oh-so-many possibilities.

Is it clear the movie is going to actually be good when it hits theaters? No! Of course not! But at least we're having fun in the meantime. It's time to get to work.