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Napster is bringing its streaming music service back to Canada

After being acquired by Rhapsody in 2011, Napster — by then offering a legally legitimate streaming music service — folded into its new owner and quietly shut down streaming operations in Canada. But that apparently wasn't the end for the Napster brand: the streaming service has relaunched in Canada, once again under the name Napster.

As pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter, Napster is now selling streaming music subscriptions at $9.99 CAD per month, and $1 CAD for the first three months, similar to the pricing structure available to customers of Rhapsody proper. In fact, the Canadian site,, appears very similar to the US Rhapsody site.

According to a release from Rhapsody, the new Napster will be offering most of the same features subscription music customers have come to expect — a catalog of millions of songs, some personalization options — but will also be facing entrenched competition in the country. A sense of nostalgia and some name recognition, even if not entirely positive, might be able to help.