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Facebook's Notify news app reportedly launching next week

Facebook's Notify news app reportedly launching next week

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Facebook's upcoming news app Notify may finally be ready to make its debut. The Financial Times reports that the social network's new standalone app for receiving real-time news updates will launch next week. Dozens of outlets, including Vogue, Mashable, The Washington Post, and CNN, are reportedly involved as content partners.

The Awl reported last month that Facebook was inching closer to releasing Notify as a way of taking on yet another corner of the online media landscape. The app allows users to subscribe to specific news organizations and receive notifications when news breaks. In this way, Facebook becomes the de facto portal for all the news mobile users care about, obviating the need for notifications from even popular news apps like those from The New York Times and BuzzFeed.

Facebook is solidifying its dominance over online media

Of course, Facebook already wields outsized power within online media. The Notify app follows the official rollout of Instant Articles, the platform's fast-loading link feature, to iOS last month, and publishers are already rushing to support the format. A feature like Notify incentivizes newsrooms to pump even more resources into Facebook's efforts, and, with Signal and a whole host of other tools designed specifically for online journalists, it's clear that Facebook is only solidifying its dominance.

Facebook isn't alone, though. Twitter recently rolled out Moments, a feed for mobile users to explore the top news of the moment. Meanwhile, despite suspending its own Snap Channel last month, Snapchat still has Discover partners like Comedy Central and Vice backing it, along with its own news division. Competition is only going to heat up from here.