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Exclusive NBA content is headed to Verizon's Go90 app

Exclusive NBA content is headed to Verizon's Go90 app

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Go90, Verizon's fresh new video service aimed directly at millennials, is already growing. The company just announced a multiyear partnership with the NBA, and in addition to Verizon becoming the NBA's official sponsor, Go90 users are getting exclusive access to NBA original content, daily highlights, and out-of-market games. Verizon also says it plans on working with the NBA on a collection of original series. The youths of Gen Z should be excited.

Go90 launched last month as a way for Verizon to appeal to young, mobile audiences eager to watch videos on their phones. This deal brings the NBA into Verizon's Go90 content fold, joining big Viacom properties like The Daily Show along with videos from all over the web. Users even have the option to share highlights via text and social media. Unfortunately, while a deal like this is certainly a coup, it doesn't mean Go90 will be successful in the long run.