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Rustie's new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is available now

Rustie's new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is available now


It's his first since last year's Green Language

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Gordon Burniston

Electronic producer Rustie released two new singles earlier this week, and he's followed them up by making new LP EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE available in full today through Warp. The 15-track record has a bunch of tracks listed as "feat. Rustie"; on those, the Scottish producer otherwise known as Russell Whyte played guitar and other instruments, as noted by Pitchfork.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Coral Elixrr [feat. Rustie]
2. First Mythz
3. Atlantean Airship
4. 4Eva [feat. Rustie]
5. Big Catzz
6. Peace Upzzz [feat. Rustie]
7. Your Goddezz
8. Coral Castelz
9. What U Mean [feat. Rustie]
10. Morning Starr [feat. Rustie]
11. Death Bliss
12. New Realm
13. Emerald Tabletz
14. Open Heartzz
15. 444Sure [feat. Rustie]

Here's the artwork:


And here's the album ready to stream on Spotify. You can also buy on iTunes or listen through Apple Music here.