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Apple is securing a plot of land even bigger than the spaceship campus

Apple is securing a plot of land even bigger than the spaceship campus

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It seems even a spaceship doesn't offer enough space for Apple. According to a report from the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the iPhone maker is in the process of securing a development agreement for a plot of land in San Jose that could hold a campus of up to 4.15 million square feet. By comparison, the Apple Campus 2 (the one with the ring-like spaceship design) takes up 2.8 million square feet of space, which is itself 230 percent bigger than the company's current headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop. Essentially, this new development in San Jose could be absolutely massive.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much all we known at the moment. As the Silicon Valley Business Journal explains, the deal is the latest in a string of sales and leases Apple has made in north San Jose, and the "work toward a development agreement is significant, as it shows Apple is working swiftly — and not piecemeal — to develop the site." However, it's not a done deal:

A development agreement is not an actual project, and does not guarantee all of that space will get built. Apple hasn’t said what it is eyeing the sites for, and it has not yet submitted a formal development proposal.

It's also unclear what purpose the land could be used for, with the development agreement covering a range of functions including "industrial development, including office, research and development, manufacturing and other related and supporting uses." The Business Journal suggests that manufacturing might be on the cards, perhaps even for Apple's electric car — currently predicted for a 2019 unveiling. However, with this much land, it really could be anything.