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This Bond supercut will remind you how silly 007’s gadgets are

The one thing you're likely to learn from this supercut of James Bond gadgets is that James Bond gadgets really are very silly. Of course, the franchise has gone back and forth on the silliness quotient over the years (swinging unexpectedly and disastrously back to the comic for the latest film, Spectre), but judged as a whole, there are certainly more rocket-firing boomboxes and grappling-hook watches than there are, hmm, no, I can't really think of a non-silly gadget.

Perhaps that's the point — there are no silly gadgets. A non-silly gadget is a gun or a telephone, but they don't really count. Still, there are some classics in this compilation put together by YouTube channel Burger Fiction. (Which has also done supercuts for improbable weapons and, incredibly, every Jason Statham punch ever), and if 17 minutes is a bit of a long watch for you, here are some of our favorites: