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The official Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app is now available to download

The official Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app is now available to download

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With less than a week to go, Bethesda has released the Fallout 4 companion app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone users. Fallout Pip-Boy will sync to your game of Fallout 4 and let you monitor stats and inventory, check on the map, listen to the radio, and play holotape games without having to pause the game. The app works whether or not you bought the wearable Pip-Boy "phone case."

There isn't much you can do with the app just yet — you can't sync it to a game you don't have yet — but you can listen to all the beeps and bloops in demo mode and pretend you're a perceptive and somewhat charming level 6 wastelander. You can also play Atomic Command, a Fallout themed minigame based on Missile Command (click the little holodeck button on the top right).

Fallout Pip-Boy is available now from the iTunes App Store and Google Play (the Windows Phone app is up, although it's not visible from the web portal just yet). Fallout 4, meanwhile, won't be out until November 10th.

Updated: Added link to Windows Phone version.

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