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A Google engineer is testing USB Type-C cables so you don't have to

USB Type-C is undoubtedly the future, thanks to its reversible design, super-fast speed and high power output. Apple and Google both bet big on the standard's inevitable ubiquity by using it in the new MacBook and both Nexus phones. Unfortunately, it's still gonna be awhile before it fully replaces the usual Type-A and -B connectors, meaning those who took the plunge early are gonna have to stock up on new cables. That also means there's a whole world of third-party cables out there that haven't been fully tested, just waiting to destroy your new device. Luckily, one Google engineer is taking it upon himself to test out potentially dangerous cables before you buy them.

Google's Benson Leung works on the Chromebook Pixel line, and is intimately familiar with Type-C and its requirements. Since a number of devices are slowly coming out that support the standard, he took it upon himself to hold third-party vendors accountable by reviewing their cables on Amazon, saying, "I have gotten fed up with the early cables from third-party vendors that so blatantly flaunt the specification."

Don't waste your money on out-of-spec cables

There are a lot of bad, out-of-spec cables out there, but Leung's Amazon profile shows there are a handful that are reliable. If you've just bought a new Nexus phone and are in desperate need of cables for your home or office, starting here is a good way to avoid a lot of headaches and wasted money.

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