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Watch a mini-martial artist chop and kick through Sia's video for 'Alive'

She originally wrote the song for Adele's new album

Sia is getting ready to release a new album called This Is Acting, one that's full of songs she wrote for other people before deciding to keep them for herself. "Alive" became the album's first single back in September, but its music video is just being released today. It's a striking clip that calls back to the videos she made with director Daniel Askill for last year's singles "Chandelier" and "Big Girls Cry." You won't find Sia anywhere in "Alive," but she's enlisted a tiny, bewigged, black-belted stand-in to slice and dice her way through an empty room while the camera-shy singer howls and roars.

Sia originally wrote "Alive" with Canadian pop dreamboat Tobias Jesso Jr. and Adele for the British superstar's new album 25, but it was rejected at the last minute. (She also offered it to Rihanna before finally recording it for her own use.) Now that the song's been graced with one of the singer's distinctive videos, it's even harder to imagine Adele and her flip phone coming anywhere near "Alive." Sia's raw energy and unbridled force are a perfect fit for the song's wild peak, and if the video catches on, it could give "Alive" the same kind of boost that propelled "Chandelier" into the top 10 around the world last year.

This Is Acting will be released on January 29th, 2016.