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This smartphone you can smoke is the ultimate vaporware

This smartphone you can smoke is the ultimate vaporware


Please let this be real

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It's hard to find genuinely game-changing innovation in the smartphone space these days. An extra screen here, a second camera there. Screens that bend on purpose or can withstand a knife attack. But the fine folks at Vaporcade have come together to unite two previously disparate technologies into one revolutionary device: Jupiter is a $499 smartphone with a built in vaporizer that will allow you to make calls and smoke fluids with a single magical gadget.

The company behind Jupiter has laid claim to some pretty heady history. The website says it's working with Herbert A. Gilbert, who is recognized as one of the first to invent and patent an electronic cigarette back in 1965. It also claims as a co-founder Seamus Blackley, who worked on seminal video games like Ultima Underworld and System Shock before helping to co-create the Xbox.

jupiter vape phone

To understand Vaporcade, it's probably best to let the dream team speak for itself. "Inventor John Cameron, scientist Seamus Blackley, entrepreneur Paul Rock, and intellectual property pioneer Dean Becker have come together to create a company unlike anything else in the vaping industry. Their mission is to transform the marketplace by creating a community based on tech, coffee, health, and all things vape." The ultimate goal, according to the website, is to save millions of lives by getting people to switch away from traditional tobacco products.

Vaporcade is part of a larger company called the Human Health Organization, or H2O. That company also counts under its umbrella the Vapebot, a robot designed to test the safety of vaping, and NeUll's, an cigarette designed specifically for use in prisons. Vaporcade makes e-cigarettes, specialized coffee designed to complement the flavor of those e-cigs, and now, a phone you can use to smoke "your fluids, medicines, or nutraceuticals through."

Specs are sorely lacking

There isn't much information available about the Jupiter. The site says it costs $499, works with 4G LTE, and.... well that's about it. Maybe it runs Android or maybe it runs a cool new mobile OS based on fluid dynamics. Maybe it has a super fast processor or maybe it's powered by liquid nicotine. In all likelihood it's just a generic Android phone with a vape modded to the top. Vaporcade does note, however, that this product is not yet FCC approved or available for purchase in the United States.

Everything about this product and the two companies behind it feels like an elaborate prank, a viral stunt designed to trip up journalists and perhaps sell some shady merchandise in the process. We've reached out to the company seeking more details and a review unit of the Jupiter. In the meantime we're treating it as an amazing concept with nothing more than renders to verify its existence. Why are we covering it at all? Well, like an afternoon smoke break, with vaporware this clever, we just couldn't resist.

UPDATE: In response to our article, Vaporcade released this Instagram video of someone smoking the Jupiter.

Because The Verge asked, why yes, the Jupiter is real. #vape #vapelife #vaping #phone

A video posted by Vaporcade™ (@vaporcade) on

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